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Fleet Management Solutions

REVMAX builds intelligent demand forecasting systems using Machine Learning and Big Data. Our proprietary platform is specifically designed for transportation and distribution applications. We utilize numerous correlated data sources and structure the outputs based on location and time horizon.

Our ForecastVision Dashboard is customized for each application type to enable optimal data transparency and tracking. Along with data science, the REVMAX platform specializes in KPI visualization, mapping logistics and real-time data management. Our mission is to maximize forecast accuracy to improve operational efficiency.

Current Applications  

Optimized for moving people via car, bus, train, plane, bike

  • System maximizes vehicle utilization and efficiency

  • Predictions informed by correlated data (e.g. temp, events)

  • Secure police and first responder positioning systems

Inventory Management

Maximizing operational efficiency and working capital

  • Forecast incorporates seasonal and trending factors

  • Just-in-time system performance balancing shipping costs

  • Deep integration with automatic replenishment

Product Unit Sales

Revenue forecasting by product, channel and location

  • Management tool for Finance and Operations divisions

  • Dashboard provides KPI and forecast to actuals transparency

  • Comprehensive of competition, seasonality and growth

PPP Infrastructure

Solutions for bridge, tunnel, highway and city roads

  • Short-term and long-term traffic forecasting

  • Dynamic tolling, congestion pricing and fixed rate

  • No additional hardware, interfaces with any platform

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